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Unsheath your sword—and unleash
your inner warrior.

  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC
  • Sword Class NYC

Three Intro Classes

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  • Three intro classes in any of three sword forms (kendo, “real sword” or German longsword)
  • 20% off a subsequent class purchase at Sword Class NYC

What we love

  • Going beyond a mere workout, three introductory lessons of sword work will help you develop your mind and reflexes.
  • Opt for the siljun dobup (or “real sword training”) method, and learn the basics of proper form, as well as drawing, cutting and returning the blade to the scabbard.
  • The German longsword method, derived from German medieval fencing techniques, emphasizes body mechanics through test-cutting and sparring.
  • Kendo, developed in Japan and made popular in Korea and elsewhere, is practiced with a bamboo sword for contact work and an oak wooden sword for kata (practice forms). Participants wear a traditional uniform and protective mask.
  • The courses also covers basic samurai movements and focus, and the effort to achieve harmony between the body and spirit.
  • At Sword Class NYC, safety is paramount. Master swordsman Raab Rashi has his students work with blunted swords to prevent injury.

What to know

  • Redeem by: Friday, January 31, 2014
  • This offer is subject to Terms and Conditions
  • Offer is final sale and non-refundable
  • To view the schedule please visit swordclassNYC.com/schedule
  • Offer is subject to normal availability; please book well in advance of desired dates
  • Limit one per member; five additional may be purchased as a gift
  • Valid only for new clients only
  • No uniforms needed—gym clothes are acceptable and classes are practiced barefoot
  • It is suggested that classes are scheduled on consecutive weeks to ensure retention
  • Voucher may be used to obtain the discount until January 31, 2014; after this date, the voucher is valid for the amount paid for five years from date of purchase, longer if provided by law
  • Location:
    Ripley Grier Studios-520 8th Avenue, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018

About Sword Class NYC

As one of the only schools in the United States that offers both Eastern and Western sword styles side by side, Sword Class NYC allows curious amateurs to explore the divergent forms. Officially known as Sung Do Kwan (which means “Academy of the Sacred Sword” in Korean), the classes taught by master teacher Raab Rashi instruct students in the age-old art of siljun dobup, or “real sword training,”

Students expand capabilities both mental and physical as they practice their draw and sheath—at first with a wooden practice sword called a bokken and eventually with a real (blunted) sword, the iaitō. Aiming for the “perfect cut,” they often feel an inner awakening, too. Now offering classes in the techniques of kendo (which features traditional uniforms and a bamboo sword) and the medieval German longsword, these sessions prepare urban warriors not only just for battle, but for any of life’s challenges.

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